Saturday, December 17, 2011

merc retro then direct with uranus direct and more thoughts on that

So as you know I make soap..ya, it is my passion..
so, I planed a nice offering as you may have read on the post before this one. I wanted the tree smell and the holiday feeling. I got all that and more by the way.
But this story is why things get jumbled. Why after money is spent and believe me, merc retro is all about money decisions and waiting for money, writing checks and having to release that addiction of hoarding.
I bought many oils for festiveness but everything came late. My 2 ounce glass jars have yet to arrive.I get so upset..meanwhile I do have access to jars and such and whilst on my travels to procure, I encountered a gorgeous group of oils from Russia.
(*there is a picture of some Anastasia and it is not me)))

They have resins available to consume, pine, cedar, fir!
I have been chewing on larch resin and my body is ringing..first off I drank twice as much water the days I chewed larch resin, second, I had more physical endurance and didn't want to eat so much. Huh!!
By the way, it may not be for you especially if you cannot endure any sort of odd bitter taste.
I kind of like a little bitter, it stimulates my gut and I want my gut instincts to be fresh and work well. Bitter stimulates the liver..which is where one stores bitter thoughts as well.
Have I said bitter enough?
I am releasing more and more with these transits.
Maybe it is because having had Pluto transit mt 12th for so long which has now has moved forward to my first house, I feel free. I do not cry as much and I have feel like I mastered new skills even throughout the heartaches.
Now with Uranus, we have some stuff we should review.
What happened last August? Review that and now add an octave and gauge your growth from that stand point because honey it is about to get real!
January is another very intense period of growth where you can move to the next level what ever that may be for you.
Many insecure people in your life will fall away. let go and grieve and do your work. You must complete your tasks and think clearly.

I look at friends like this..

nice looking skinny fellow, "are you married?'

Me, "no I am not married, I make soap and study astrology"
fellow, "oh I don't believe in any of that!"
Me in my head, "bye, while already having put 4 feet of distance and expanding that rapidly..
Really, already carrying a bag of judgement? Walk on honey!!

I am fussy I will admit that. I am not looking for a sex fest here. Just an intelligent man who likes to build gazebos and grow stuff with me while we have tea and talk of flower's moods and stardust. We Libras! la la la la.
lol lol

New sale coming up on etsy
have a great day and pay attention to details.
thank you

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