Friday, December 30, 2011

don't get your hackles up

what is a hackel anyhow? The plumage on my neck?
Oh yea! My hair does look really good right now! It is those lovely African oils from Shea Terra..I want them all the time, the marula is wonderful with argan and makes your hair naturally glisten. It seems like I always have argan oil around lately!
Argan oil is high in squaline. I did buy some squaline derived from olive oil with vitamin e at the market the other day. I still don't know how I feel about it. I like the least amount of tampering with my essential fatty acids, thank you.
Vitamine e, is not one of my favorite things because it is mostly made from GMO soy..who needs it!
Mystic wrote something about not getting my hackels up as a Libra and it got me going on reviewing my life in 2011. I am keeping it cool and bringing in the boons through the thoroughness in my mind.

For me it means, be kind
be graceful and dignified.
always show respect and smile at everyone or a nod:) will do
always forgive even if it takes you a day or two not years ok
let go of what you want from others
drop the bag of bitterness against them
be perfect when making something
be organized and take notice of details
always be mindful of the best thing at this moment
let that big bag of judgement go babe
who are you? The guilt police?
Guilt is a reward to do the wrong thing again
drop the big bag of jealously too ~ it is a form of hate
become a true artist of potions and fats and allow all the best things to unfold before you
written after a dose of walnut flower essence and pretty face flower essence

thank you
check out this lovely review about eleneetha, so many boons!

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