Friday, December 2, 2011

to begin at the begining

would be long a tedious for you, maybe some day I would tell about my life but after writing a few things down, I am afraid it would turn out in to a misery fest. You know the kind of time where you analyse whys and hows and oh my but that was a sad thing there.
It is all in what we nurture, what we pay attention to. I can tell you that with Capricorn Moon in the first house, I can mull a thing over and over and cry and remember and grit my teeth and set it aside finally, as something I am dwelling on for the wrong reasons. It can take days if I let it. Years if there is an ex involved, lol!
I am free and they are free to move on to glorious new situations!

So I would rather make stuff and share it with you.
Like this mask I have been using every night now for a week.

One vanilla bean, ground with green clay in a mortar ( I do this for about three days so that everything gets good and mixed up and pounded into a fine powder, I then add a few pinches of patchouli herb, you can use what you want like calendula or rose. Grind those up together and then add maybe a few drops of your favorite face oil.
*dry patchouli herb and vanilla bean smell amazing together.
This can be used as a mask or a scrub. I mixed it with vinegar for a really stimulating face wash.
I followed with some plain cold pressed marula oil. My face still tingles a bit and I have a nice glow.

Try infusing organic coconut oil with vanilla bean and patchouli herb. It is wonderful and then you can use this on your bod whenever. Why spend money on expensive creams which provide no real cure. Try the natural way!
Simply heat the oil in a double boiler and allow the ingredients to meld together. It is beautiful really.
Thank you:)

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