Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gemini Space Dust

The eclipse is in Gemini and it is coming soon to consciousnesses near you.
Gemini, look over your bills and pay them and don't look back and worry about what you had.
You're moving on and making something of yourself, albeit not the comfy way it always has been. But that is only for now. It is only a matter of time honey!

Can we say that for the rest of us? What do I know besides my intuition which is mighty keen I tell ya!
Libra, pay attention and don't skip steps based on haste..that is haste not hate Cancer folk..
I know you have some judgment baggage here and there and must release, forgive and move on honey. Use your great memory skills to accomplish something grand for yourself.
Virgo, be well, find some new interests which make you flourish in golden sunsets, not golden showers but golden sunsets mmk? lol (kidding, k?)
Leo, you are going to change your direction completely in February, meanwhile do a great job at what you are doing now..soon you must perform at your highest.
Aquarius, quirky, quirky dear Aquarius!!
Someone is mad at your because you would not take their advice always drumming to a different beat and all. Maybe they feel like you are not in step and it hurts them a tad..what do I know!!
Taurus, move it honey. Take some probiotics (Garden Of Life Raw For Women)
What a difference a few of those make.
Capricorn, you can change and accept new ways of doing things without giving up everything for cyber space.
Aries, be nice to your inner sanctum of friends and family. What can I say about that? Listen, they didn't like Jesus enough in his own home town, and you know how that turned out!
Pisces, with Mars being in Virgo for the next 8 months, I suggest you think more and say less. It will be interesting to watch you. So grand you all are:)
Sag ladies and gents..come out of your cave of darkness and show your bright light
like a new sun forming from the debris of an old shattered star coming together in glorious brilliant cleansing light.
Breathe now and be free from misery and shame from abusive words and sad,sad angry soul suckers that have been removed for you:)Time to be suave about yourself! Your beauty and grace unfolds where ever you go.
Hey Scorpio, you do an excellent job at something and people can see it more and more. Come the new year, you will be super busy. Oh yea!
Well, bless that!

*question, how is day old baguette and hot black tea so good this time day? I have been enjoying it and must tell you that my astro thoughts are not meant to hurt anyone in particular or at all.
:) :) :)

Thank you

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