Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lets talk about it

maybe not soap but how it was foggy this morning and one reviews the last year and its glorious frustrations and elevating motivations.
Ok soap it is..
Well I have ground the roasted plantain skins (platanos they are called by locals in Costa Rica), they turned pitch black and I have been pounding them but good.
So far they smell sweet and caramel like. As if the soul of big banana still remains even in the ashes of what it once was.
I wonder what it will apear to be at the very end of this process of my African Inspired Black Soap mande with Black Cumin Seed Oil.....
I haven't decided on the scent as a finality..we will...oh yes we will!
Seems like if cumin stands out in the soap I should go all India..sandalwood, patchouli and a drop of jasmine?
Or make it completely medicinal and go helicrysum on the whole thing?
Not the time to make that decision. For now the pounding and the grinding of the blessed banana soul.
"I allow the Universe to bestow its wealth up on me easily and often"

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