Saturday, December 10, 2011

The feeling of Uranus going direct

and the Moon blaring down at me all night and it is cold cold cold Michigan, Livonia, Lunar eclipse December10,2011 :) :) :) if you are up right now, go look at it and make a wish.

"Thank you for my beautiful home life"

Thank you for wanting my soap and then buying a bar or two. That makes me happy. Every other thing can fall by the way side because I seem to be quite content with the way things are at the moment. Good soap, chill home life, great business sense...

Uranus direct today.. electric vibe, honest vibe, sometimes eerie in its nature..tell you what with this aspect we are about to embark on to so much information we are gonna blow governments and old outdated beliefs like a super star on its death throws. Why should't we?

I have been reading about the next Uranus Pluto square a-comin'
Uranus is in Aries which is conflict of sort at any moment. They like to tackle big things and it has something to do with their excellent hand eye coordination and their animal charm:)
And Then You have Pluto in Capricorn breaking things down as it gets rid of unwanted crud balls that can't even linger in any corner. Pluto energies are like being in open water in the where to hide is all in your head so make the best of it I say.
(yes, I said crud balls))

I am down with doing your best. Be polite and kind if you can. But move it honey, you take too long, some might think. I do it all day.
Yesterday I could barely lift the totes at work. There were about 20 boxes all told.
I will continue to do one thing at a time and not rush too much, I think to myself...
I will walk in to the back room at work and my coworker will say, "50 boxes Anastasia!!"
"dude, really, stop counting them!"
"I cant", he
That there is Uranus at its best.
making soap tonight.

In The Woods by a Fire Soap
firs and spruces and smokey notes

Kyphi 2011 Soap
to bring in the yule one needs somethings grand and traditionally holy.
A sacred blend of resins and woods

Candy Cane
peppermint cinnamon soap with vanilla specs and for the whole family
gentle, mild and 2 for one:)

Have a great day:)

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