Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Yule ya'll

This is the night. The time when the Sun makes its way back to us, as if your didn't know. I feel the magic all around me and even though emotions are high, we are keeping it together, able to look at things with compassion and even cry from loosing a friend or lover.
It is same if you ask me. It hurts just the same.
But I am not here to talk of pain and loss. No!
Everything is learning and if you have to have your gut wrenched out then do it and be done with it because every thing is good.

Now, for the soapmaking goodness and all the stuff that makes me happy..I have dehydrated platano peels and will make an African inspired Black Soap. I am grinding them but good and then adding raw cacao nibs and grinding them finely and then making soap using Black cumin seed oil and African ootanga oil along with some castor oil just in case it makes a good shampoo bar. What if it does?
What if you rinse with vinegar and it makes for a nice head of hair?
I like where this is going, I do!
But what should the scent be? Lemon myrtle and petitgrain? that sounds nice.
We will need something which has staying power due to the cumin seed oil having a slight scent... patchouli maybe?
"I open myself up to the wisdom of the Universe"

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