Friday, December 23, 2011

spreading the love

and generosity and what it means for me, Anastasia.

It means that I can put my needs aside for a few people here and there to give them what they need.
When I didn't get the job as vitamins buyer, I was crushed. One, because I am so clever and why can't they see that and two, because I am super clever and they should exalt me to any level I might choose!
So here came an ordinary looking quiet bloke and they said he wowzed them. I thought to myself,seriusly, he wowzed them? Ok, ok, I will exalt him. I will serve him and make him feel loved. It turned out he is pretty stellar as a fellow. A raw vegan for 20 years or so..I mean seriously, the guy is lovely. I now call him guruji lol, he laughs every time.
Does this mean I wouldn't have cut it as a buyer? No, man..I am still very clever and meanwhile have processed some new tasks that will inevitably help me in my freeking corporate "other" life.
Why do I rant about something so common, you might be thinking?
Well, when I get a little trimmed in my life, it sticks with me a while. I have to hold my head high in defeat as well as when things are grand( which they are).
I have been a little trimmed recently.
I took it rather hard.
The feeling of fear and uncertainty tried to creep in and hold me back a bit.
And, there I was being held back and decided to use this time to get better at what I am already doing.
Make better soap and get some darn good labels made.
I have the labels the way I like them, but when one has to cut and then seal and then tape over..jeez, I can spend 2 hours on one order!
In 2012 I will commit to 2 or three butters and 3 oils and print actual labels that do not require to much effort besides lining them up so that they are not crooked.
Thank you for always being so good to me and may your days be filled with family and harmony and riches this holiday season!

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