Monday, November 16, 2015

five reasons why Glen is not dead

I love The Walking Dead!
 Robert Kirkman's  genius work about a modern day apocalypse..zombie apocalypse, of course. We get amazing zombies from  long time artists like Greg Nicotero..dude! I can't help but love the show. Rick, the main man..Michonne and her sword! I really felt that her and Rick were really close for a minute!  They connected, I saw the way it was. I am even beginning to like Sasha! Morgan?
For me, I want Morgan to fit in but not if he is going to cause more harm by his way of life. He should just go to the coast on his own or maybe their whole  town will get destroyed and they will all have to go..sorry!

Glen is not dead.

Yes, there were ways he could have got them up high from the trash bin , they could have walked the fence and jumped to the roof..but no, this happened..Nicolas kills himself and falls on top of Glen..right? The zombies moved in and started eating, Glen was crying and then it all went to where there was nothing but zombies.

So, Glen is still freaking out reeling and such that the eaters were eating Nicolas instead of him and, in those few seconds pulled out his knife or he may have already had it in his hand, he had his knife so I say he killed enough of them to mask himself from the rest..kind of like a tent. and  then either he waited for a clear or he slowly crawled under the trash thing and waited, having masked his scent like him and Rick did in Atlanta the first or second, episode.

So now everyone is so impatient and wants faster answers and results and all the things to happen at  once!
A story must unfold itself like a good warm woman, my friends, and the excitement in Walking Dead is sort of like that.
The story is being told at many angles and we have to know about each one and how it fits with the rest of the whole picture. Kind of like life, really!
I mean, our lives now, not during mythical end of the world synopsis.
Let us all agree that when the sun goes all red giant, (billions of years from now)our kind will become dust again in the wind. The solar wind..

Glen is not dead. because there has to be drama with Maggie to keep her character interesting, right? They will meet only to be ripped apart and she will harden up and kick ass. Or Maggie will die instead of Glen and he will turn to the dark side to try to bring things together for agape love!
Negan is coming and it is a really bad ass guy..I am so happy right now. Dean and Sam's dad, yo!
If you are sort of up to date on what is up in the comics which I am not, but I do read everything..Glen gets killed by a bad bat and every one is all like , "oh, we can't miss that sort of kill!"
" If he is going to die, he should die in this way!"
What preasure on the writers! Leave it alone. It is just a show. There will be a bat with wrapped with barbed wire! I feel like it could easily be Glen smashed in the head by a bat..but like, no, they will mix everything up so expect nothing like you thought!
It could not be so lame to kill a good character like Glen in the way it appears.then again, he was not acting himself that day!
Remember when he had to ask Nicholas to take them to a safe places in that town? Like all of a sudden Glen needed  directions to safety? Really? And why didn't they just light any house on fire? Light the pet shop and then get out and run! And how much time did they spend staring at people being eaten and screaming? I am like, "shoot them!"
Why did Glen take so much trust and give it to a coward?
He was thinking too highly of himself to think he can change a man or woman with  his love!
We learn that in life. Love is so this case agapi love.
Complicated enough to save Glen? Complicated enough to make him think about running off with a dumb ass at the worst possible time?OMG, Glen!
I really hope he isn't dead because I am thinking he will have gotten out and rescued by some one. I thought they spent  a little too much camera time to scan a whole green wall.
Was that five?

Anyone have thoughts?

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