Tuesday, November 17, 2015

good morning november morn

It has been a whole lot of crazy this last few weeks with school starting and each year a new transition.
I think I have thrown away more food because my family is so busy they never come home to eat!
So, no more big meals for a while.
My shopping list is easy,
Plenty of fresh tomatoes, good lettuce, organic eggs and half and half for tea and coffee.
Bread of course.
Butter too..olive oil..coconut for making potatoes...
I will not be making big pots of anything until thanksgiving where we will have a wonderful meal together, free style, and everyone goes home after that. :)

This whole next few days, I will be making soap.

The specials are almost ready. I will have them for the weekend of thanksgiving. Shanta is bringing over the soap dishes on Wednesday and I will put together what I put together then.
It will be so pretty and edgy as I have said before.
Shanta is edgy, I like edgy a little bit..gritty, a little dirty.

I had very big plans for holidays  which I knew I would reduce the numbers to something more practical.
I made dragons blood soap which was a big grand thoughtful mess and I  ruined most of it. I managed to save a few bars and I do not know why or what, but something changed in that soap. I burned it in the fire I made this week. An offering and spell which I conjured ideas to fulfill my life and home...

You see, I kept adding so much myrrh and frankincense,, dragon's blood brew, oud, that the whole thing exploded and all I could smell was oud..
No longer!
All the hidden secrets of this blend finally came out and I am willing to share a bar or two. Not for sale..maybe it will be a part of my special holiday offering.

Soapmaking this week,
more old whore
verbena patchouli
cinnamon bark sweet orange
cedarwood vetiver,
I am also working on a tuberose something, we will see.

What scent would you  love in soap?
Sage with clary and lavender maillette? (actually sage anything sounds wonderful)
Rose ylang ylang and lavender with sandalwood? (how nice that would be!!20 dollar soap?)
myrrh with black salt and clay?

Today is here
no need to fear
always look in your heart
find what motivates your happiness
your success
and your true gifts
now make them good
use fine words that love
that nourish with creative forces

stop being so mad all day because your gods are too small
do a great job and do not worry
heaven is unknown  and so is anything beyond this
one great moment in time that you are you in this form

Do you waste this time crying?
Yelling, killing  others who refuse to worship your gods?
Hurting innocents because you are in rage form?
You will be banished when you do this..every time it will be your last chance to make things right

you expect too much from people
I know you do
but not everyone is raised like you
they hurt in different ways
you hurt too
leave the hurt behind you and do the right  thing now
right now

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