Thursday, November 5, 2015

Things are well under way

The holidays are up on us in no time.
I am getting ready as well. Both at my job and here in my little shop of witchy creations.
There is time to contract a little and time to expand.
I am in the next three years or so, going to age and age to perfection in soap making and essential oil art.
It is inevitable.
Why do I say it? Because when you put in the time, you get better.
It is the law of humans. The law of practicing and doing and thinking things through.

I have introduced many specials last month on my etsy site,.eleneetha aromatics.
Now it is contract a little and get a nice holiday special that does not cost an arm and a leg. It will happen and I will make it good.

How about, the new soap dishes coming? I am having little pinch pots made for soap..they will drain easily and be super cute and edgy as I have a new artist friend on board..Shanta! (shanta amady ) I am excited..they are almost ready.

A candle too. There should be a candle. I want it in glass though..and that leads to shipping issues and breakage..(I haven't had too many breaks but I have a couple of times in 6 years, shipped to the wrong person..ha ha, lol

Yea..too many zombies in my brain!
Let's sing!

Yesterday was good..
Better day beautiful and rare
you said some words and said them with flair
you reached on high and thought it best
to always love others and laugh as you jest
digging deeply from your knowledge
you've paved the way for more
I guess that is why they say, you are, an old whore!


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