Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hello Black Saturday

Black because I am wearing black not because it is black with greed, selfishness and exclusivity.
Not that stuff.

Did I ever tell you about when I was a little girl, how I dreamed I would fly my own plane like in the Jetsons! OMG, I loved that show! Still we are far from Jane where even in the future she is only concerned with money what she buys and how much..I love how men think we are so stupid and must always keep our activities secret because "what if George" finds out? LOL

I am all for telling it all and you can't judge me..fuck sticks..
talking about how , 'oh feminists this and feminists that or you people or you!

How about equal pay and treatment  for everyone even if you are not pretty or have an ass?
I know that the inside is what counts and that is only saying. The outside counts most and how people see you is how you make yourself and how you want to be.
The value in meditation and yoga is that you love yourself so much you are willing to be accountable.

I stopped..I did..but the other day, I said something on a thread about something, probably religion (because it sucks), and some chick or dude got on me and called the names first and then said I am an immigrant and some other, "you people", He you peopled me!

I have been here for almost 50 years ass licker and, and my great grandfather came in 1910 and worked his ass off in Wyandotte, Michigan to make a way for us, who the fak are you? You might have been some other European or something?
I did not say any thing. Why? They are the ones who breed children who breed more children. It is our job to make sure we open our minds for them. Their kids who will not want to follow blindly in to oblivion. They will want more than what their parents offer.
Every must learn and continue to explore knowledge. That is the rule.
In a zombie apocalypse,
everyone must learn to use a our world, books and always scepticism..questions..results..measuring the results..learning..

I want people around  who are the kind of humans that love everything so much they would never  blow anything up or kill a child.  ( right now at his moment in my kitchen there are two girls practicing swing dancing)) I am delighted with this!))
They would all sound like smaller version of Donald Trump yelling and acting like they know all the best way to handle Earth.
Earth, you putas.
You religion makes you think you are better loved more fucking sacred with the caps and adornments, means nothing to me.
I have seen what is behind those robes and it is a human being lying to himself that he is saved and he is forgiven and he will be fine after this and after that and that he is better than you.
As Bruno said it 500 years before, "your gods are too small"..yea well, they burned him alive the fuks. They had crosses on so do not think it is just Islam.

"anastasia, you are so different now, you used to talk about kria and spirituality.."
"I am. I have tried all the religions save for Islam and now I say again, no thank you and fuk off with your hate and pissed off and more american than me words!
I will eat your face if you get too close you beer bellied hate filled pinis lickers..
ha ha ha, love, love..

(dude poor Gwen Stefani, her man is the perfect cliche'. The baby sitter)
When I was a baby sitter in West Parkway, 13 years old, the boyfriend came back home alone to show me his penis..I will never forget it.
During pictures one time at church, father sam, grabbed my ass..LOL
"I was thinking, "yea, I know, it is fine and my ass"..LOL

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