Saturday, November 7, 2015

my poem about Morgan and "walking dead" zombie thoughts

Morgan oh, Morgan
how silly men(you)are
to think that all the killing you have done
can now make up
mend shattered lives
tend to life
Can you now,
act like a master
when you are really just out of that door
where you had killed and did it coldly as a hobby for your satisfaction..
you did it...
it happened..

Morgan oh ,Morgan
please get it together and say sorry to Rick
you almost got him killed and now look at this!
There are hundreds of them coming, Morgan!
You could have really been there, at least you held one and locked the door.
It is a chincy room where someone could easily get is a start, maybe!
Like when Michonne put her sword back on..yea!
once again
you replaced one thing, Morgan..
with another to mask your broken heart
and pretending to love all things

oatmeal burgers suck..

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