Tuesday, November 3, 2015

and what a good wonderful fall time it is and I hope you are good...

I have been feeling that I should say, "hello" and come out of my cave to say it.
I realize that I hide every few years so and get immersed in a thing and went too far gone on every one. :) too far gone in oils not drugs or something like that.
 I have gone too far and totally ruined a soap batch. It happened, I forgot something important and all I can do now it liquify and add some dark whiskey and see if it gels and goes all amber gold on me. I wish it to be that way.
I can only try or not..you know, some things are bad and a waste of money and life, and you can try to save them and keep them or toss the whole funky mess and say, "good bye".
I wonder about things, aromatic things and how we relate to life.. and I  wish to chat them up with you..I feel I am just beginning  on my wonderful journey of recipes with myrrh oil..it is just so very good!

Yesterday..I am working and it is late and I was tired with my belly hurting a little because I ate a bunch of apple cider donuts..ha h ha ha ha and all I wanted was my walking dead fix and a nice tea..but there was time before that!

la la la la
me and Rick in the woods, him alert and me alert..no words needed..surviving and being free at the same time...you near by knowing what is up and understanding life now.......we have tree houses and bridges..and I still make soap.

my dream mode was squashed by my next reality check..my job..at work,,,
"do you have meeere gum powder?"
me, "no we don't sell  myrrh that way , I do have essential oil of myrrh which is quite nice.."

**I have to say, it is hard to find good oils off of the shelf, but Aura Casia does have a nice myrrh and frankincense..the sweet orange, not so much..that is why you smell a few distillers and see the differences, yea?

lady, "no, not myrrh, meeere gum powder, is that oil made form that?

Google even has pictures but people don't care to read about beautiful oils ,,I mean, what do they do on their phones all day?
I did explain the whole myrrh thing and how it is called a gum and a resin..she could not connect them..she got pissed and said I corrected her..I laughed and she came back to haunt me some more, this time a whole lot nicer to me..
Also, now that I am on that theme,  there are not three categories of essential oils! There are fine oils depending on the season's results and finer when some growers and distillers get lucky..Why all this nonsense.."do you have the kind you eat?"
Seriously? I heard a co-worker say, "no we do not have that kind."
OMG..stop, we have organic and we have conventional..here are the one you can eat now?
I guess so, because if it was a lemon peel which as distilled, then if follows that it was a food..was a food, essential oil now, you can eat a drop if you need to. People take frankincense orally for pain and anxiety.
And it is isn't that I resent you eating it, it is that you don't even know why. Some Young Living or Doterra person brainwashed you in to thinking that you are exclusive now!
I guess that would be the thing, I have no patience for. Me? Bossy?
I have eaten plenty of oils through the years,  I reckon. I drank  hydrosols when I was studying them..I got wasted on one of them, I forget which. I think it was orange floral water. I get a few drops of frankincense on my hand when I work with it. Yesterday, it was patchouli.

That was one thing about my ex husband and I then..we raked in money and I spent, freely,  as much as I wanted and was not myself free. I gave myself reasons like an apologist, of why I was giving my independence away to become and feel  like I wasn't good looking. Giving away that power, (your inner good looking power), that makes your mate, if he has any sort of superior feelings already, well..humans take advantage and they are cruel to each other as they cross over to the "I am a god and too good looking" phase some go through!
 Some more than others..but an abuser knows what makes you work to his or her benefit..
When you are looking as if you are not good looking, people see you that way.
It adds up, the constant sadness and shallow stupidity our kind seem to get stuck in.
Course, as we  go in our cycles, we change we grow and live without the one we though we would never live with out. And we change our minds about ideas  which we thought would never even cross our minds..
I hope so.

Now where was I?

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