Sunday, November 8, 2015

Last year already?

Not yet..but, I review everything. It is soon to be winter..darkness and cold nights...
Here  in Michigan that is...and, and Saturn has gone and moved along in space, to make a nice little groove  and shook things up a little. I always "feel" these things and so here I am saying things about Saturn and how I am affected by these events. Adrenals. That is humans action chemicals just doing their thing..Saturn is huge in our neighborhood..of course when he moves we feel it! I believe we each, here on earth, are a part of every other thing in our surrounding space and time..

I haven't been able to sleep. Everyone's life posts are getting to me.
I know I was young once like that, but was I so sex driven that I would do  such bad things to my lovers?
Yes, I had a couple of them and I am no saint and as my favorite and worst husband used to say, not a lady! Hence the old whore..dude, you don't like me, fuk off! That is me, now..See, we can change!
I am a Libran and we can be downright crude. Always lady like but crude nonetheless. My Northern Greek, upbringing is not always gentle.

Me me me

Really it should be you!

Like having to back track a little to review where you put things? Your phone, your keys..stay fit, yo, you need to focus.
Also, do not be mean.
It is hard..yes..but do not be dramatic and say bad things to scare people and make them feel about about you. If you are gonna kill yourself, which I  guess, some do, think about it,  for a brief moment.. "like wtf? I hate this", kinds of things..but you never talk about it..that is the cowardly part..too much talking and not enough doing to make things good..the things you actually find precious. Now, compare that to what you are seeking at this moment. What do you work hard at?
A brief moment in time, a yea or two or five or ten, in human terms, they are nothing to what you actually  are. You are, why, you are just so much that it is really indescribable..your cells remembering everything you have been and before that what you were.expanding, contracting..Saturn pulls in and together the focus one needs to be a great human..
Saturn teaches us things in mythology and he is stern because he is always learning and breaking it down. making mistakes along the way and breaking it down some more.
Saturn is teaching us now to reviere moments in time and it is about learning to be alone, learning to be happy and living to what you believe..not hiding behind a mask of some dumb kind where your hair has to be right and your nose has to be powdered..I do like a powdered nose!

Everything is fine..we are here together and that makes you already mine..:))

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