Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Glen is not dead, Rick is cut bad "Walking Dead" Ideas on thank you and others notes

Thank you was such a good episode that it took me this long to even say anything about it. They are in a bind big time, The zombie herd is near, many have died again and Rick's hand is cut pretty badly.
No, glen is not dead.
Think about it..would Glen die in such a stupid way? No! Nicolas would!
There are many things that will and can happen.. I mean once he's pilled under a bunch of dead ones, his scent is masked. He will crawl under the trash bin and be saved by Jesus..the new guy we are supposed to be introduce to. maybe he is behind one of those locked doors.
It looks like Jessie is going to be the only one left for this season because her kids are not in the future episodes. We will see. I do not really like the way she had to correct Rick about her kid. Sorry but he did wrong and was dangerous and  stupid.
Jessie, Rick..it sounds nice for him but he has bigger things to work through and it is not his popularity with people like Morgan and his guru who is dead and hasn't been all stellar himself..
I mean really..how many people have you killed and why?
oh, he just starved some bad guy for 47 days and  killed him sadistically..and yet he seems to be a new star about to give Rick some life lessons?
I do not think so, and if the goat knew better, she would have run away a long time ago.
Yea, let us talk about Aikido and the way of peace while we are in a safe and serine place away from the governor and away from Terminus..it all sounds so nice and helped crazy boy (Morgan) get out of his killer ways..but now he is just plain stuck..reality and peace is not a concept, reality it is brutal, deadly and kills kills kills..
Thank goodness we have Rick, he does not dick around. He is done with all this"oh, all life is precious"..sure it is, if you are in a lovely war free zone, all life is precious then..when bad guys come to get your boy and rape him a stick is not enough, you have to become some thing else like Rick did when he ripped that guy's throat who was going to kill him and allow the others to hurt his boy!
Rick has been there and has see and done crazy things. Is he less moral than Morgan's guru guy?
Truth be told, I say more noble and more clear headed about what needs done right now!
Now..it is not for philosophy. It is for action..In the end, the guru got bit in a most stupid way, like Tyrese..
Glen is smarter than that to say the least!
He will make it..if not, we will just adjust to our sorrow!

I am mixing my reviews because I feel like they all go together. If you watch the walking dead, you will understand any how..it is not a recap..it is an opinion...so there and snap, erik kain!

I know Rick's hand will be okay because he cut it on the machete and it is pretty injured but it will not get cut off, there is a new doctor in the house.
We will see Glen in two episodes, and Rick, we will see him next week. I only wish they would have given him a 90 minute episode..I love him! Morgan, I mean, redemption and new belief system does not a master make..you are so too a killer, Morgan and you must face it but good.

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