Friday, November 20, 2015

yesterday is what I came with

So now what do you want from me?
I say this to myself every morning.
It is good to at least have a picture of what you will do next, right?
You then look at what your brain has stored from yesterday, last year and when you were a kid.
Some of your memories make you cringe a little, mine do.:)

I am come to thinking that emotions can ruin you! I realize that what you want is not what you always get but I see people who are disappointed all the time and crying. They are usually younger.:) We ladies of the older gen, do not cry as easily anymore.

I wanted to tell you about how I feel about the thing in Paris, my loves. I wanted to right away but it was something I needed to think on and not react to but stop and realize that the refugees are trying to leave those fuks. Who doesn't want a warm bed and soft sheets at night sleeping well with a full belly? That is why they left and I will bet they are leaving a big part of their religion behind...most of them. I am sure some fuks snuk through..there is enough evil to go around for ignorant savages like that guy in Florida who shot his twins and then himself..if you look at averages you will note that when in large groups of humans, a small percentage will be horrid and evil. It is not just Islam which trolls with hatred. Look at Northern Ireland, with Christian on Christian. Islam against Islam and two sides to their thing right? Like you have one more rigid form and the other more relaxed and westernised, softer..and even in my small meditation self realization group that Yogananda started, as soon as he died they all broke, I heard there were orgies in some of the meditation tents..ha ha haaaa, humans!! ( it was right before I joined. LOL)
I loved my time with him and his writings, Yogananda, He tried to show that by using your mind to strengthen you body by doing repetitive exercises and breathing techniques.
It was hard and I do not need it anymore. I needed some sort of "way" lessons in feeling better "way".
I would never to this day, actually say  that Shiva lives in the Himalayas or that Saints can help us from the beyond. Our mind can help us now,  when we reach out to what we stand for.  It is nice to feel nice and happy, yea?

Which poses the question..ah, I love this one!

Is some thing moral because God made it so, or is it moral for another reason?

If you say God made it so then you will note in the bible that god has killed many babies, allowed rape and father daughter sex (Lot) I say, it is something else.
Us, of course. WE say what is moral and, it is not moral to behave this way, killing and blowing up people who are having a good evening! No more of this on earth!
The way we fight that is by by continuing to become smarter and smarter and pushing towards love for all, and equality for all..all lives on earth should prosper with healthy ways that we all create now, from this day forward and all that.
Religion separates people and makes people  servants of higher Gods with  powers..
A physicist I know, said, a whole lot of things but one thing stuck in my mind about what he said, he said, "humanity has bowed enough"
Something like that! Like fear and reverence becomes sort of a weird and useless when you can only blame yourself.  You have to face what you have become and what you carried from yesterday.

 Free speech is essential to freedom.
Of course ask and say what you think and everyone has a duty to  listen and not react.

Not 80% freedom of speech, but 100% freedom to say and question..and for the fuks who think free speech is throwing insults and yelling, it isn't. I really think that Donald Trump is popular. People think those things he says. They love to hear him say  them and then it is okay for them to say insulting things too.

Smart people say words that are wonderful and interesting and explain easily with evidence on what you thought was meta physical and mystical.
I am talking about the best things which make us great as a species and how we are already the smartest thing on this planet.
By the way, for you creationists who may read my blog, we did not come from apes, we have a common ancestor and we split to be ourselves..oye!
Stop sounding dumb and yes, indeed,   all the links are connected so, do not say the missing information and all that..Turkana, boy! DNA takes us way back, my friends.

I love my life!
I love you!

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