Tuesday, November 24, 2015

sweet november

I am pondering on a Black Friday Special Deal.

vanilla shea cacao butter


The Soap is made of wonderful organic olive oil and rich coconut oil. The scent is Bergamot and Green Tea. You can choose from all the soap in stock save for the old whore and the time lord..I will do that if someone does not like bergamot. I myself have been craving sage and clary like my sweet blacker than black friend loves! I am making that soap soooon..but not soon enough for Backer Than Black Friday..ha ha hahaaaaaa

Friday One Day Deal~
The Scrub is aloe based with organic aloe inner fillet and myrrh. You can use it on face and body.

The Toner is witch hazel with myrrh and frankincense..shake well and apply. It is beautiful anytime of day or night.
You will also get a vanilla shea cacao butter cream as a free gift with purchase. (one ounce in glass)

How does that sound to you?
Would you prefer an oily balm instead?
I thought of that.  I wonder how vanilla would play with beeswax.That is why,
it should be cream and super drenched with rose hip oil and avocado and even a little tomato seed and evening primrose..
oh yes, we have all that....

Any thoughts?

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