Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gritty City Soap Dishes Holiday Ideas to get our juices flowing...

I love this name for Detroit!
Gritty City

Detroit is making a come back. People are moving in and rebuilding what is really a dangerous looking wasteland if all you do is look at pictures of the decay on line. It is changing and fast.
There are awesome cooks having set up  gourmet restaurants under frikin bridges and there are artists galore! Whole Foods is down there now and they are rocking it! Detroit artists sometimes visit us out in West Bloomfield.
They keep coming in my store and asking me to come down and open a shop down in Detroit.
 I should, if I could get my ass out there, which I won't, yet. I still want to work a little longer at my store. There is still so much to learn!
This is modern times! I can go and be a part of Detroit through the interweb :) and interconnect with artists who are edgy and full of beautiful vigor for new and expressive art forms. Plus I do like it when people come to me so I do not have to drive. I love not driving.
"come to me.."

Soapmaking and clay just go together, don't they?

Shanta, the artist, says, "these are wood fired and the colors do what they do with heat and smoke".


I loves them!
They mean something because the energy went right through her hands interesting as I notice her style is that she curls her hands just so when she speaks as well as when she creates. Look at the ones of the palm with the eye.
They are all amazing and it will be hard to not keep them all. I love one so much though, I took it for meself! 

Gritty City Special
Gritty Citadel Soap Dish
One very nice bar of, Old Whore Soap
One 50ml Old Whore Balm
One rich Old Whore Votive Candle


I will take better pictures of the whole special when I cut the new batch of ow soap.
I want to take my time and not plan things too rigidly..
what do you think so far?
Good and gooder, right?

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