Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Solar Eclipse Vibes with Sagittarius overhaul

Mars in Virgo and Mercury retrograde is not enough. We have a New awareness for the next 6 months at least as this solar eclipse is in our abundantly rich, joyful, gassy benefactor Sagittarius and his ruler Jupiter.
If I were to harness any of this energy, I would consider the truth in all things and honor is big here.
We are all busy making money and it gets frantic but the results are huge. I believe there is some sort of desire to escape through drugs or liquor.
How much can you control?
Not much..sooner or later it catches up with you and you know it.
Take a step back and look at the grand picture ahead of you. This may require letting go of someone dear to your heart. It is ok. You can begin to intend the best things for yourself. Everything else falls in to place.
You are free and they are free to move in to new glorious situations.
And with Pluto in Capricorn we are set to destroy old un-usefull patterns.
What do I know?
I am making soap and diggin' my life. Yes, my computer broke (yet another one) and I will buy a new system only for me. I am thinking Apple..we'll see. I won't purchase a new computer until after January 5th, 2012.
For now, I will think clearly, focus on my task and do one thing at a time whilst serving 1000 people today with directions to their food destinations and general good feelings of gratitude for the feast tomorrow!
Happy Thanksgiving!
In gratitude and joy for all the comfort and loving family we have around us.

Anastasia's Quick Pan Stuffing
take olive oil and put about 4 tablespoons at medium heat
chopped onion
4 cloves garlic chopped
one bag organic kale
one bag organic baby spinach
cover and cook 10 minutes
add your dry organic stuffing mix (I used whole foods market brand with cranberries)
a few chopped nuts like walnuts or chestnuts
add 1 cup water or veg broth (I used water)
2 tablespoons butter and cover again for 10 minutes
cook this low and slow until the kale is lost with in the bread mixture
it is so good:)

have a great holiday:)

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