Saturday, November 26, 2011

dr oz and the pained

ok, you are fat, you are unhappy and you basically hate your life so you wait all day whilst eating fried bread to watch dr oz at 4pm and man, you feel so good after his show, that you now have hope about breaking the addiction...
so you get excited about raspberry ketones making your stomach flat and white bean extract making your body what it was before all the fried bread.
you must have it!
So you get out to the whole foods store and buy it.
Glucomanan other wise known as konjac fiber? Yes we have it honey.
( took it, my body reeled from the onslaught and I don't think I slept that whole night! Who wants that?) Everything (oz) he says is for a quick fix because the food junkies have no clue about longevity and using something for more than a day or so and other foods in green colors and maybe some orange in there.
Here is where I come in:)
How many questions do you think I will happily and patiently answer before I say something callous? 100?
400 questions baby?
One time is all it takes to hurt someones feelings..her name doesn't matter. That she wasn't even that fat doesn't matter either..what matters is my reply at her disdain as to why I didn't have the white bean extract, which was.."listen, we don't have it"
The lady, "but dr oz says it is so good"
me,"well then I think Dr Oz should take white bean extract!"
snap!! She got so pissed..(hey, who am I the dr oz police?)
Who is Dr Oz the king of the world?

See, I am not a saint!
I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.
"I serve patiently and with joyous heart"

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