Sunday, November 20, 2011

What's hot and happening is

Be suave and do what you are supposed to do and everything is going to be all right. A step back is better than a big foot forward only to suffer and toil.
Toil, I say!
Why toil the hours away? Find something you love and don't be a dickwad ( he he) to loved ones and happiness is all around. Moods are like vampires, they suck...he he

In my dream last night, I was walking all along the isle ways at work in my big fluffy robe and matching slippers. I still feel a bit vulnerable there....I reckon.
It is so easy to be myself and then I loose it. If you ask me about ALL the shampoos I will get a little miffed I suppose.
"I serve with patience and love"
I mean there is Google, how does one not go read about the product they want or don't want? Skin Deep, that other one I can't remember..The way I see it is simple. No cruddy chemicals on my face or pink parts. This is the best way. No exceptions at all. So I guess selling shampoo shouldn't be my strong point, but I have clients who want to know what shampoo I use.
I have tried all of them! Right now I use 365 whole foods brand and it is ok. I want a shampoo which is safe and not chemically without the residue of soap bars and glycerin in them! Is this too much to ask?
I won't use vinegar every time will I?
Well here is a new, old quest to find a hair wash that I might like..
Giovani max volume, burts bees, avalon organics, that other one that lies about neroli being in the scent base and it is fake after all.. Heavenly hair something!
Questing for hair love..I should call it:)

Soap making on this night's menu is a beautiful sleepy blend;
Night Time Song Soap
roman cham
sweet marjoram
sea buckthorn oil

Jasmine Ruby Red Grapefruit Soap Stars
there are four spectacular stars that will light up your day or night with sparkling loving joyful laughter)
"you are the sunshine of my life..yea.."

a shea butter, og coconut oil, Spanish olive oil soap base in both of these sweet cakes:)

thank you:)
Have a beautiful night~

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