Sunday, November 6, 2011

get a piano

and learn to play
express yourself in a new way
learn to dance
sing with your heart~sing it!
and happiness and will always bring it~
never parting, always submerged in eternal light (starlight that is)
yet expand faster and faster together while observing all that you have and done~
do you worry about the Jesus,
the bible, the koran?
you (I) must think beyond these (guilty?) fantasies and do the right thing always because it creates the right magnetic forces that propel (me)you to our trajectory.
We are made of starlight, literally. There is dark and light and an invisible magnet that holds our whole Universe together. Imagine, the immensity of this and the size of this.
Who is the creator, some war monger who kills for territory and gold?
Who kills babies as if a noble right? Who lies and cheats and makes up stories about God? Who takes all your money and makes big armies to control the rare mineral trade?
That he died for us to prove a point? That he asked to get out of it in the end because it hurt like a dirty bitch...that..oye, after that people with armies sat down and made the rules of who would be considered true and who would not.
the wise men and women of our Earth seem to have seen something more. I sort of understand now, what Yogananda meant when he said "I am submerged in eternal light"
sort of..what do I know? I love to ponder, I do.

ok ok I went off agian, let talk soap.:)

I made some good stuff I hope you enjoy all of them
here is the recipe

80 ounces (365) olive oil
26 ounces (365) organic extra virgin coconut oil
2 ounces softly melted raw cacao butter (Navitas)
2 ounces shea butter
1 ounce og jojoba
(all three in very small amounts)
I broke this up in three bowls upon saponification

made one block for the old whore ( super delish, this batch)

one block for rhassoul soap with lemon and frankincense ( took left over old whore base and added frankincense and lemon..wonderful!)

and one block java lava
nutmeg co2, the finest clove oil with rich ylang ylang..smells like a good pumkin cake with some patchouli on it..

I hope you have a good day, I am off to do some demo work today. I will be charming and magnetic :)
thank you

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