Friday, November 11, 2011

dabbling with ideas

I want to make perfume oils for the holidays. I want sandalwood lately and this takes me on a journey of "what else".
I will blend these now and offer them right at Mercury retrograde. (Nov. 24)
how nice to anoint in the morning with sandalwood and neroli oil or
Sandalwood and rose otto or sandalwood patchouli.
I believe that the scent you put out acts as a magnet to attract the right energies around you. Take me for example..
When I wear patchouli and neroli, women love me. When I wear ambergris men are intrigued.
interesting..something animal always brings more animal notes in life as well.
Or when I wear sandalwood neroli, people just come around and want to be near me.."I like your smell what is that you are wearing?"
Today I mixed sandalwood, petitgrain, patchouli, neroli and pink grapefruit oils. As the more volatile oils evaporate one is left with the soft warm tones of what sandalwood and patchouli have managed to fuse together in the end.
The citrus oils go in about an hour on me but patchouli stays till three:)

Coming Up!
Anastasia's Toning Face Oil For a "Foxy" Babes Everywhere
all og
argon oil
pom oil
acai oil
goji oil
sacha ichi oil
hemp oil
tamanu oil
essential oils of;

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