Thursday, November 17, 2011

people who

are hungry
people who are tired
politicians who forget what they lied about yesterday and even as one would say, in mid sentence!
Do we really want to depend on what those guys are planning for our economy, our lives, our futures?

Well for one thing I would stay away from doctors who prescribe drugs to make you feel better that in the end kill you..but hey who am I, perfect..non:)
I would take a acetaminophen with codeine every day if it didn't make me moody and constipated..I love that one..or even ibuprofen sounds good on some painful migrany days. I know why my head hurts though..all I have to do is get that big bag of guilt and sorrow oh and fear off of me..sigh...:)
I am trying not to take any pharma drugs. No ibuprofen, no acetaminophen. Every time I take that stuff, I get sick and dry in nature. No wonder why the whole world is constipated, bloated, gassy, acidic and arthritic..All that stuff collects in your intestines and slowly allows small toxic particles to enter the blood stream on a daily basis.
It still amazes me in so many ways that the masses (not us of course) need Dr.Oz to tell them what is good for them. Well, in defense, I have to think that most old folks do not have a computer to research stuff and maybe can't drive. Who knows, in my experience they are hurting.And in our time here we are evolving into a species who is consuming many plastic (tiny) particles which will undoubtedly create more disease. I mean how much titanium dioxide ( a common coating) can your system take?

Cilantro to remove heavy metals has been noted. Cilantro is said to change the polarity of the blood. How? I don't understand it fully but it is something about the aldehides, or borneol and certain volatile constituents.
The idea is to eat it fresh. Juiced if you could stand it. I chop it in a refreshing salad. When eaten fresh cilantro is a wonderful way to rid of heavier toxins in the body. If you take just one pharmaceutical you will have some residue in your liver. why not try cilantro for a week..
If you look at the chemical composition of coriander you will be astounded. It is huge. Hundreds of micro elements!

check it out here..

Refreshing Cilantro Salad
One bunch cilantro chopped fine
one gorgeous tomato
one sweet white Spanish onion
2 lemons juiced
good salt (Himalayan)
eat it with sprouted tortillias or in my case French Bread, avocado and cheese melt with this on the side.

have wonderful day
making some good soap today
shea butter soap
more soul radiance
and a chamomile with sea buckthorn
and then maybe a wild rose with chamomile and sweet marjoram now doesn't that sound so nice...

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