Sunday, November 27, 2011

merc retro Let's Have A Sale!

Do you feel it very tight vibe. It is like a rope came and tied itself around us and pulled the time back a year ago, ten years ago or more.
Being a very clever Libra, I can remember some pretty vivid images of the past.
"yea, remember when you told me I was fat?)
"I never said, you were fat"
"Oh, yes you did it was June 15th in the woods of Virginia, when you told me I wasn't stout enough to be country because, I felt I was too refined to get dirty"
I am like Kafka in many ways ( he was a Libra)
We seem to remember things and dwell on them and then justify them..usually with an authority figure or some sort..
Better to throw all that stuff out for good, I know, but can I help it if my memory is so sharp? lol
It is small stuff, hear me!
Mercury Retrograde~trend ends Jan 6 2012.
This month, remember stuff enough to toss it all out the door,
fix your computer or buy a new one but money flows and you should spend it with out fear.
Organize and clean up the place
don't panic you are safe
you have family and friends ( family more)
There is always some good soap or oil in your home..Oh, how do I know? You wouldn't be here if this weren't so. :)
Thank you

*sale at my soap shop
Ylang Ylang Blood Orange and Vanilla Soap $6.00
Cocoalicious Soap $6.00

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