Friday, November 25, 2011

not mumbo jumbo and god fearing

First Observational Tests of Eternal Inflation

The eternal inflation scenario predicts that our observable universe resides inside a single bubble embedded in a vast inflating multiverse. We present the first observational tests of eternal inflation, performing a search for cosmological signatures of collisions with other bubble universes in cosmic microwave background data from the WMAP satellite. We conclude that the WMAP 7-year data do not warrant augmenting LCDM with bubble collisions, constraining the average number of detectable bubble collisions on the full sky to be less than 1.6 at 68% CL. Data from the Planck satellite can be used to more definitively test the bubble collision hypothesis.

Stephen M. Feeney (UCL), Matthew C. Johnson (Perimeter Institute), Daniel J. Mortlock (Imperial College London), Hiranya V. Peiris (UCL)
check out the whole article below if you want to.

check out these DVD's, all on Netflix (love it);

How The Universe Works
In To The Universe
The Universe

After years of obsessing about religion and bowing to the stone ( I was raised in a Greek home as a Greek Orthodox) I still get little shocks of fear go through me when I think that perhaps Mary lied about being pregnant by an angel. Well? Have you ever read The Creed? You should study the lines for a day and tell me what you think of that today.
Perhaps she knew they would stone her. Which they would have, they still do in many regions in that area on Earth today!
My point being that the idea that we are more than a bunch of hateful fucks banging stones together about who God loves most aren't we?

Well it turns out that our Universe ( which we always conceived as never ending)...that somehow through a divine spark of energy... isn't the only Universe! Ours as ginormous as it is may not be the only one! I always liked that notion but others said no way..I am like yes it could be!

Right now we are expanding in all directions in an even grander scale and faster and wider apart. In a few billion years, there might not be any visible stars in our realm at all and only our own planets in our own solar system. It won't matter because global warming is real, our sun will get hotter and hotter and we will eventually be consumed by the sun, but fear not our species will have been extinct and gone from this planet if that were possible. I think it can.
Why in 100 years we will have evolved into a different species just based on the fact that our brains are ever expanding with the Universe. We consume more omegas and resveratrols and our brains work better than ever! Some scientists say that this period is the best one to be alive in.
In reality we are 13.7 billion years old composed of the same materials created during the big bang and it is happening in other dimensions, so yes in a way there does exist this idea of reincarnation.
When a dying star explodes, it spreads itself billions of miles across space and then millions or billions of years later forms new spheres of light in stars which form solar systems like ours. Can you imagine what kind of life forms would have evolved as no two planets or stars are the same?
Here is an idea;

Gâyatrî Mantra

We meditate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the Universe;
Who is worthy of Worship;
Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;
Who is the remover of all Sin and Ignorance;
May He enlighten our Intellect.

Made a mask
garbanzo ground og
quinoa ground og
fava ground og
ancient clay
vanilla ground
patchouli oil
eucalyptus oil

I ground them all in a mortar and pestle and then shook this through a fine mesh wire strainer.
I made a mask with apple cider vinegar
it is wonderful you should make one!

Merc retro
New Moon
give yourself a limit as to how you will spend your money today. You might like some soap though:)
have a wonderful day
have some fun
read a bit of;
have some tea with your son
listen to a song or read a poem about how you are alright and happy:)

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