Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taurus Full Moon with Neptune Effects

Full and greedy for love and money and some other stuff that is good that we all have been guilted in to thinking otherwise.
Go ahead and tell me what you have been buying for yourself these last weeks. Bring it, it is your cosmic right to have the best things.
Neptune is going direct soon and is already getting pretty close to Pisces energies in my opinion.
Here are some things I can point out right now;
easier to create stuff
going in new learning situations
being true to who you are
being scared
wanting to escape..you know a drink or some others stuff.."blue devil hoochie juice" (Mystic calls it that I feel shy even writing the word down):)

The other day I went and bought some Kona Coffee at my store. I am at the register paying and the girls says, "56.00 dollars please, anastasia."
56 dollars for coffee? Really?
Oh yea, there isn't much Kona in reality. It is a rare treasure from Hawaii.
"would you like to put it back?"
No, I said
I will keep it.
My manager was so appalled.
"put that back, you can't buy 56 dollar coffee!"
I said I would not put it back.
This is a reflection of my wealth and beauty around me. Of course I made some to drink right away. It is delicious. I also made some soap with it. Everything has value and you are worth 56.00 coffee or tequila or that 40 dollar of plum brandy you have been looking at. To be used exclusively for the room sprays of course.
This is what I say in my head when getting stressed about money.
There is plenty of money to use whenever it needs to be used. It comes from surprising sources.
Neptune in Pisces will show us this. That we will cherish the few things we already have and observe how we already have our cups running over and spilling goodness so that everyone who walks in our domain will have been blessed by this oozing abundance.
We are not hungry or working the orchards fields. My parents did that. My mom, a strong Pisces woman, always seems to have money. You need 100 bucks, she has it. She can be so frugal, and yet so generous. It is a Pisces thing.
Neptune in Pisces will show us how to be more compassionate and yet..there will not be a naivete with regards to politics.
You want to change the world? Change your self! Change inside and manifest the best things for our planet and our families. It is our money which feeds those big wasteful mega stores! Buy fresh food and throw away the microwave for heaven's sake. Can't you wait an extra minute to boil water on a stove?
Hey, who am I, a reformer? ha ha
I do not have a microwave or any teflon pans so that I can manipulate the amount of fat I consume. That is freaky to me. That stuff is poison, throw it away..I know you make good eggs in it, but you could learn to use stainless or cast iron and make good eggs that do not kill birds with teflon.

Make sure you are drinking enough water and maybe even review the rich food you may want to consume at this time. Too many carbs make your tummy bulge out..too much gluten plugs up your intestines and the wheat of today has a ton more gluten than 100 years ago.
Probiotics and aloe vera juice would be a good way to start along with plenty of water.

All in all we are good this month and working out the kinks in our lives and projects. There are some considerations with mercury going retro at the end of the month. I already feel like electronics want to break which means more trips to Best Buy for computer repairs and such. It is cool. I used to freak when a computer broke down..they break and then you fix the problem. Now for the real work of being detached about my work life, my kids, the house, the dishes ( getting up right now for that duty) my figure, my full figure and horsey face..ha hah ah,oh...:)

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