Tuesday, July 3, 2012

my summer vacation

here are the grape vines today as it is raining gently outside after a long drought....7-3-2012=15=6  :)

It is my best thing as my Secret Garden hasn't somehow sprung up in one season as I had imagined it. The reality has been a lot  of digging and cleaning up as I build the soil around these beauties and the whole place.
It'll happen in its own time.
So far I can hardly wait to wake up and look outside and see what is up and say hello to all the living beings in this yard of mine..also there are many frogs here..they get used to you and become brave and then hop off.
I am not touching frogs,ok! My mom is the same way. And I really do not have to. It all works out:)

Soaping notes..
My oils arrived yesterday and I am in awe once again with White Lotus Aromatics. I am taken away to beautiful emotion, elation, fond memories. The frankincense from Somalia which I bought  is glorious. I'll use half like a pig and then save the other to let it age to Winter Solstice..
I also  got my self a bit  petitgrain, bergamot bigarade (stunning, deep, creamy velvet) and another one called, cambava..which smells of citronella...The vetiver..ah the vetiver..omg:) Madagascar..wonderful enough to be its own soap alone with nothing else but a few drops of that petitgrain..

You can rub your knees with a good frankincense to help with pain and fatigue and this one is just what I needed at the most perfect time.
Not CO2 but steam distilled..sometimes I like that. You can capture something new and very keen vibe with steam distilled.. I must say.
And frankincense has many fatty acids which you do not see which should be noted.

  • 3-acetyl-beta-boswellic acid (Boswellia sacra)
  • alpha-boswellic acid (Boswellia sacra)

anti inflammatory properties
anti bacterial
kidney tonic therefore the lungs
plus it revives your state of mind
clears the way
lets you face fear

take a whiff of a good one and feel your mind be swept of any doubts or fears~
Frankincense to me is grace under pressure:) understanding your motives and acting on them...
thank you i love you have a good day

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