Saturday, January 26, 2013

tell me something good and thank god for scorpio

I am out of the loop for a reason. Not that i think I am better..on the contrary, whenever i see something clearly sooapy blendy balmy that is of high quality and interesting i get a little insecure I would say..
I squash that right away.
admiring other's work is a blessing and makes your stuff look way better. i know this. I can see what somebody is pretty amazing
i am talking about skin care. i am talking about perfume, butters, balms and oils..the loop being my peers on facebook and whatnot..
it seems I do not fit seems that way..but really it is that once you get diluted with a bunch of people you do not know..things become a celeb..a no face..

my libra wants to have luxury, my scorpio (thank god) wants precision and clean lines..this is why I can make so many amazing things and that is why I feel good and happy..

in honor of my libra scorp predominant in my tenth house, i will be secure and precise today!
now sing me a song

oh, I finished battlestar was a bit of a chore in the middle.
I mean they could have done an amazing show with one season..but know they dragged it out for four..
the other thing is why would roslin not take the cylon blood to save her life a second time? It cured her cancer before..I say do it she walked around a whole season (22 eppisodes) with bald head and a scarf..
and how come all the boose? i get it, you like whiskey!
and why destroy your ship where there is a hospital, and you want to start a new race with from scratch?
that was dumb..
I love the theme of how people go bad and possessive and hate each other for doing and thinking what the other guy has. I loved the cylons and the cylon babes were all stellar acting..
no, they made these miracle machines of anti matter and then they hate them..yea well they killed all of the humans on 12 planets the cylons did..they were pissed. they are like we hate you! You made us to serve you and you made us to fight for you and now you're mad that we are here..
after the mass killings there were 40 thousand humans in a fleet of ships in space looking for a place to live..the cylons following them till the end having already had mixed themselves in the human's lives..
that was cool. the change in humans, the will to survive even if it means killing  the other guy..sometimes he wants to  kill is very interesting..I mean what would you do, if you were one of the last people on a ship looking for a home?
anyone ever see battlestar galactica?

I gotta go..sorry about my spelling today:)

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