Thursday, January 24, 2013

the furs are out

I work and have for most of my adult life worked in west bloomfield michigan...
There is money here. They have their own economy sort of.. I mean you have old money, new money and plenty of medical centers with modern facilities where doctors and well trained nurses work and they also have money..they make a pretty good salary, I would think.
They are not the ones wearing furs.
Do you want to know who wears fur? You got your heavier set middle aged matron, that is who. You have your fake eye lashes, your botox, your fine suit and always your heels..
I always wonder if they do this everyday? I only dress up if there is a wedding or funeral, you know church clothes:)
The rest of the time, while I still like to fix my face.. use a nice foundation (Gabriel) and I love green eyeliner (Zuzu) but I'll wear some trousers or a know, casual, with comfy shoes..
dang man, there is ice out there and you are walking around in spiky heels? where ya goin' to meet the queen? You must love beavers! (it does look warm)
There is a consignment shop down the road that has used furs..should I go?
Would you wear one?

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