Tuesday, January 15, 2013

loneliness and lying

Of course there is a science to lying. There is. There are distinct chemicals  in your brain when you make up a story, like a whole section lighting up and the neurons in your brain  sparking up and creating chemicals which reach your gut in seconds.
"Trust your gut feelings"
How often do we say that?

God is in the neurons, so says Athenes's Theory Of Everything..check it out on youtube:)

Everything in our everyday conscious behavior means we  have control of our will. We control what we will eat, wear and which road we will follow  to work everyday..But our thoughts can get the best of us. We lie to ourselves so we don't have to take the blame for our own mistakes.
frakin guilt!
Gum to guilt!
Om Gum to guilt!
We lie to others so as not to loose them, or shock them..I mean really! I have seen it over and over.
We become afraid of letting our true feelings out and hold it in for so long that there is a furious jet of energy created between us when we do say what we want to say.
My mom, she says what she wants to say.. Pisces isn't afraid to say what is up that is for dang sure!
I feel like that with my work mates right now.
Nobody is afraid to be themselves and it works.
Saying what is on your mind without any emotion is a key..we are all learning, everyday our consciousness is changing its "mind" for each new development and we make adjustments and justifications. Every instant is planned by you right now.
om to success gum to guilt..xo

Let's be lovers and let's be friends..that is the Libra way.

You being a cute Capricorn or at least a Ram..a cute one though:)

You being an Aries girl teaching me the other side

and my little Sagittarius babe, doing her thing, quietly and so intent... the exquisite gleam of her work radiating light years away..:)

until then, have a good day:)

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