Tuesday, January 22, 2013

skin care 2013

I love skin care, I love scrubs, I love polishes and oils on my face and on my body.
Salt? Which one, give me as me as much as I want but not all there is!
I love clay too, green sea clay, mountain clay and even diatomacious earth..(all made in stars btw)))

I was just browsing on google at some of the more expensive face cleaners. $52.00  for steric acid and glycerin and then you call it anti aging?
Or better yet, put a bunch of interesting extracts like st. john's wort and pomegranate and follow with soybean oil as your base ingredient..call it some fancy  name like eminence or sea foam and you can make millions of them..
People buy anything that says anti aging. The FDA says that is ok to say anti aging as long as the cream is topical and does not enter the mitochondria of the skin, you can say anything you want and not get in trouble.
(ah the american way, sell sell sell)
But then..we have smaller and smaller materials  that do enter the skin, especially when we combine these with the other stuff we add to our cream base. Any acid will carry things through though.
 Boric acid, ( I used to make creams with that) citric acid, cetyl alcohol, the one they all use now too, potassium sorbate..they do that to make it stay longer on the shelf not help you in any way. Plus, this system does not work because it opens a door for manufacturers to say what ever they want on the label and give a long list of ingredients and that no one will check to know what is what in there..they don't because it is expensive to analyse each ingredient and hasn't really been an issue. Now it has become one. and who cares? I do. Do you think I want to smell your poison perfume every time you walk by?  What did you pour that on yourself..wtf? No wonder you get headaches! You are giving me one!

Anyhow, it all goes to show  you that when you pay 50 bucks for a cream, it has to have a fine jar with a nice professional label and look good in your powder room..right?
Not even close honey.
I know we've all been there. Standing at the counter buying clinique or lancome..and smelling up the place with poisonous perfume. We didn't know. Now we do. Now we actually feel better when we use simpler materials! Plus, once you realize essential oils and love them, you are in for life!
What is better than a little coconut oil, nothing that is what. It has enough acid to clean you and protect your tender skin suit.

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