Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 astro thoughts

Four Billion Two Thousand Thirteen really...heh!

Think about it, we are as old as time. From the moment that big bang flashed forward we have been traveling on that wave of energy along with it. Changing, evolving, being liquidated and exploding, melting, settling on this rock and who knows what is next?? In a few billion years we'll meld with Andromeda becausethat is what we are, parts of stars!
Star dust, boiled and broken down and re

Religion, my friends and that includes astrology is nothing more that sun worship..
Even the most ancient mystics were able to see that we are nothing more than star dust traveling on invisible dark matter propelled at unfathomable speeds outward and then back into ourselves by unknown forces.

We do know that in our home, in our little system we have magnetic forces all our own that shake us up, make us see, clean us out and fix our trains of thought..the planets in our solar system have a magnetic pull so strong that when that pull becomes particularly stronger or weaker, we become effected. Look at the oceans and how they behave two times a day, simply by our moon's magnetic pull..can you imagine how stagnant things would become if we didn't have the moon's pull on us?

Aries, focus on making something of yourself during this awesome phase..this learning to be humble are good at it and if you have planets in Pisces, you will be gracious under any pressure.
Don't burn all your bridges, is my opinion.

Taurus what ever you want, just send me your bras and plant stands when you move next Summer:)
( I like the black lacy ones) You lost some weight..what with Saturn making some demands on you..who has time to be a foodie? Not you! You know my address!

Gemini boys and girls, dearies and sweeties...thank you for being a  voice of reason and a friend. Your good vibes bring awesome in a room and your cuteness is sparkly and know you are cute! Loneliness is fine for what?

Cancer..your classic good taste will take you far this year. You are well organized and thorough .plus you are extra sexy in 2013!
All I can say is "ass"
in a good way..

Leo, I like the way you can move on and not hate the past. You know who you are gonna hang with and you like your space while being adored at all times.
I adore you right will new friends this year, bring opportunities and gifts..

Virgo, be happy now. Be content. Don't blame others for your lack of whatever is bothering you. So what you don't sparkle and joke around like an Aquarian..people know who they can count on and that is you!
Good things will surprise and delight you soon!

Libra, study something new and get off your ass and work out a little. You have been putting that off because of seem to be in work mode most days. You like to do well and to be super smart..still, you are smart, not super humble, be brave and speak the works! ( I am a Libra woman if you haven't already figured that out yet, lol)

Scorpio honey, chill out, rest, clean you teeth and change some habits which have pushed you in a sort of rut. Wisdom comes from alone time and honest re evaluation of past deeds from others and your own honesty to you..
You are loved unconditionally by many and they are here to let you know...we'll talk:)

Sagittarius, focus on real things not the empire and its legends..just saying,  you may loose the notion  of why you started all this to begin with. Because you are an artist, not some leading authority. You will quietly lead next year. You will learn and learn but good... to focus on your art, your skills, your thoughtful words and stylin' bod!! You will look amazing in black now..add a bit of green around your eyes..for growth!

Capricorn, Pluto in your sign is interesting. You have become a bit of a hermit, instinctively knowing and not having to tell it..Your mind is in memory mode as it is able to remember phone numbers from 1974..I know I can..having my moon in ol' phone number on west parkway Detroit in 1974 was, 278-4532.
you can quote a whole song honey some of us, not so much..
now I have to think of a good song for you:)

Aquarius, find yourself more lonely than ever.
Look at your house honey..who is there for you and thinks of you and feeds you even? Are you taking things for granted? Are you doing for someone other than yourself? You might just have to!
Not the world, not the meetings and not the work out, not your food needs someone else..
I am not scolding you, but rather, I am telling it....If you have some Pisces somewhere, I suspect a nice growth period of reflection and creativity..On the other side, you can experience some shockingly intense friendships that will yet again teach you to transcend any common ideas and beliefs!

Pisces, awesomeness, calm authority, we love you and know you are our pillar and divine friend.
I would rub your feet with my hands dipped in organic oils and smelly essential oils like frankincense and rose.I know you like vanilla and ylang ylang so I would add some of those oils too and make you feel adored which you are by me!

thank you and what do I know..I am a geek and a ruffian!


  1. how'd you know that i'd be moving next summer?and that i have black lacy bras? '-)