Wednesday, January 30, 2013

soapie the first

when she first got here I had already been having second thoughts about keeping her. I wasn't completely prepared to care for yet again another being in my home, and, she is not not that demanding to me.
her name is "soapie".

she is a baby who was found under a car by a young nurse in west bloomfield michigan. I named him her Mythra and brought him her home..
we then named him charlie which is better than fluffy which we named most of our pets when my kids were young..
come to think of it, it may have only been one see I am not an animal lover, not a hater but not all lovey dovey and all that with pets and babies, yes..which is why I have 7 kids..hahahaa
we then all started to argue about what we would name him her..charlie, mythra, marvin garden, soapie the first..
we now know she is a girl..and I know she has been soapie all along. her name came when she was ready to be a part of here, my home. she loves all the kids and very respectfully keeps her distance from me and yet seems to always be nearby..just hanging or wrestling with her toy thing...
soapie the first..

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