Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the right Aquarius reasons

what are they? Your higher purpose?
doing the right thing always
and it gets down to not lying..
always with the honesty..sheesh!

if you are going to explore the meaning of god, this is the time. Aquarius energy is about healing yourself by letting go of your angst and letting temperance glow..
Yes people hurt is ok to be hurt, to be trimmed a little like your stomach hurts all day from, questioning you about, if you said the right thing, or if you didn't say the right thing.just stop and be focused on the task now. Also if I may say, maybe don't expect too much from your loved ones.
They are not here to save you or respect you if respect is what you're after..

me, I simply enjoy  mornings that do  not a fight about who wore whose hoodie to school?
then all you hear is , "shut up mom" or, "you don't know anything about it, so stop insulting me about a scarf"
It tears me up that I can't wrap them in layers of hoodies, it is so cold out there (5 degrees), but you know, it isn't cool enough:)!
I must allow the girls to wear or not wear what they want! then I worry all day about them freezing cold..
hey man, I said my piece, whatever!

I wonder to myself about who I am.
 I work in sales but is that really who I am?  For now I would say , job is an awesome extension of my inner beliefs..
one reason being that I really do want to help people choose the best thing for whatever it is that they are treating.
Sometimes I want to yell at them and say, "stop being so fucking depressed! What you think you're the only to one to have gone trough pain and disappointment?"
(one lady said she didn't come for a psych treatment all she wants is her kid to not be autistic))
But there are reasons why things happen and I like to get to the bottom of things.
Like, how's your diet?
Do you eat processed food?
how much fried meat do you consume?
Do you eat white bread? (big one)
Do you drink water?
How much?
Do you take pain pills?
Do you sleep all night?
I believe that self treatment is the most effective way to  understand your body's needs at the time they are needed. When you study your own body, you know your body's rhythms and your core energies when they are can check you emotions and figure out where it is being triggered in the body. Does it it fit in with modern medicine? Yes! Ever hear of quantum physics? It is very real..

(speaking of which, in the next ten years we'll have have detectors in the toilet which will test your urine and other things for any pre illness signs, it'll have  messages on a screen to alert you  if anything is really going wrong way before it becomes a hugh? how do yo feel about that?))

gotta go warm up the car, it is bitter cold out there! hoodies!!!

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