Sunday, January 6, 2013

how about a nice bar of soap

today, I had in my hand, "epona" a  soap of lavender fir and patchouli and I had a pure three petitgrain soap I had made last June and didn't really love love..too piquant (can I say piquant?) at the start, too acidic, too green.
so i wondered what and put them together at the base of my nose...
I am making that and a patchouli cedar frankincense soap next next..
Plus wouldn't a nice rosy set do nicely for my favorite time?
Imbolg~ Honoring the myth of  Brigid... the Goddess of fire, patroness of smith craft, poetry, midwives, and healing.
There is more info  on google if you care to read more..
But back to me and my roses..and a sweet set for etsy...

so..... rose soap. rose cream.. and a jojoba rose roll on? A little offering to yourself and the woman or man that you are...
 When is the last time you smelled like a real rose? Not that you could completely  I mean if you use any of my soaps, you'll note  patchouli on something you wore..(I love that)

I love this time of year as well because the sun being in Capricorn makes me think I have accomplished something and now I can lighten up a little..yea!! For Aquarius!

meanwhile I am still pissed at Dr. palm oil for belly
he loves passionflower. Now he says we should have the powder.. a teaspoon a day?
How much calming down do you need all day? Unless of course you do not do anything and watch tv, eating this and eating that..I do that sometimes.. I like whole movies and  documentaries.. I watched a really interesting thing on Mary Magdalin on Netflix..that was really good stuff!
We all know the truth makes more sense when we know all the events, all the what have you's..we know... :)

plus I am enjoying some lectures by Machio Kaku on you tube..
this is a good one, The Universe In A Nutshell..

It has been a nice vacation from soap and I am happy to be able live my life this nicely and I loved 2012 so much..making soap for us, being here with you, and my awesome job. After years of study, I can put it all together and it is works and they give me money and gifts..sigh..
What is next for the coming year?

more kindness
more honesty
no pretension
deep healing
hot lover
hot cinnamon man
next to a fiery cinnamon girl
yern to be united
since being together 240 years ago
get ready:) to have a wonderful day...

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