Friday, January 11, 2013

hello how's it hangin

Capricorn vibes
knowing that effort is the key
interest = commitment
having enough to rest and enjoy..saving someone nurturing, feeding

Everyday read a page of some book or a whole chapter..I will devote the next few years to the Materia is time and I am on my way to being the healer I dream of being...

I want people to come back to me and say they are completely satisfied, thrilled and smiling all day..I want that.....I  don't on the other hand want some woman yelling at me about ground coffee.. it a first glance I am shocked and speechless and then I review and then get pissed .... By that time she is long gone having had the pleasure of trimming me a little and stomping off..and I have to wonder why she would speak to me in that way? 
I still ego wonders?

Anyone else having some ego encounters? I am thinking this is my chance to become more poised, more in control of these types..always in control that is cappy...

feeding and opening to being fed.
Capricorn likes to be on top so admitting they need a hand is not in their nature and it is. 

I am watching The Battlestar Galactica..the new one because I didn't know there was and old one. I am a geek..:)
I  have renamed it as my "space opera" ;)
have a good day:)

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