Monday, January 7, 2013

looking back

or not
lets look forward
lets not make bottom lines and lets not have closure
the facts get skewed all day anyhow, no looking back and judging this and hiding that..
being honest and being kind always wins
doing what you want brings happiness

Do you love the picture of the hot Spanish babe by Alberto Vargas?
Mystic Medusa turned me on to his art..Mystic says Venus is void..she explained it and it made scense, but not enough to re tell it.

Today is about your dreams and reality.
The power of your mind, your consciousness to conjure up images that may or may not be real..
let your dreams go wild now and in a couple of days, you can decide how you feel about what you dreamed up, this time:)

I found some old absolutes from the past today, violet leaf and ganet..I am thinking that,  with the royal jelly/propolis  I have here. I love a well cured violet leaf soap. It is so green and smooth when finished and follows up with a floral sweet  sort of scent...what do I know about telling what it reminds me of. I try though:)
It wouldn't be vegan at that point but very nice on the skin.
Someone reminded me of bergamot the other day and now I can't stop thinking about it..i want it and I want a whole bunch..mmm

**the soap you see above is the old whore before cutting..she looks beautiful from the very beginning to me.
**have a wonderful day and be  happy, i will too and I will smile at everyone I meet today.


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