Monday, January 21, 2013

what is happening with Jupiter

by all accounts astrology should not work. what is it? are we worshiping mythic unreal personas of ourselves?
by unreal i mean made up. Like, Zeus or a God who would make sacrifices to prove his love?
When we are doing well, he blesses us, when we struggle, it is his will..
We worship and beg for his love and his forgiveness and if someone we love has to go to hell because they did wrong, well, we'll think to ourselves, "they deserve it, they shouldn't have sinned against god"
this is all silly..we have made god a benevolent king and some one we have reverence and fear..fear because until now, we didn't know much..not really.
but then again...

We are made in stars so it makes sense that in stars we will regenerate..the sun is our mother and our grandmother is a star which exploded billions of years ago to reconstruct  the new materials which made us..iron, magnesium, silica and other raw materials made in stars and only in stars. zeus is you, jupiter is you, so is athena and so are, rhiannon and inanna and hecate and hera and mary and jesus..something bigger than us and out of this realm and our understanding.
the real effects of Jupiter are  huge because of his magnetism to us and everything else. So big he thought he was a star, still even might get to be one for all we know..maybe god is magnetism..omg
the law of attraction!

So am I imagining that Jupiter and all his qualities are in a big play at this moment with Gemini energies coming forth so quickly that someone had to get pulled in and swirl in a bunch of truths mixed with lies?
what do I know? I am a geek all the way!
Stay cool and be calm, say the truth but don't hurt anyone, (someone always gets hurt) and this I say to myself because gossip and hearsay can lead to anger and resentment.  Either way the truth is the truth. accept or you want to suffer and do what someone wants you to do without any thoughts of your own? No, you do not.
You'll be suave and cool and calm.

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