Saturday, January 19, 2013

emotional week anybody?

yea, I mean I found myself crying for just about anything. Even if there were actual things to cry about which there always are...
What happened to that fierce lioness who could beat up anybody and  still go work out and then make dinner and do the laundry at the same time and make 55 gallons of soap every month?
I keep asking my self this question every day. People tell me to come out with them, join the fun, the party..
no, I wont..
Why am I recluse?

I know why and I'll tell you if you don't mind.
I love it here. I love my house. I love my couch and my kitchen and my soap table and I love to clean and tidy up and then rest and help my kids out with homework like Spanish and soon there will be French lessons coming through my home.
I love conjuring up my next soap smell and talking about blends in balms which work with my beloved friends, like you. Some combinations do not work for the time I put ginger with cacao..not for me..ginger is weird anyhow.
I should open my heart to ginger..ginger with lemon sounds nice...if not pedestrian..
I love a soap that when you wash your hands with it and then you dry them, you take a little closer inhalation. You put your hands together and bury your nose in them and smell. I know that isn't just me.
Vetiver lingers beautifully. So does patchouli, yes, but put them together and you have magic.

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