Sunday, April 5, 2015

iron and humans

I mean we should be happy anyhow, not just today because Jesus came back to life to elevate in to the sky and as told by basically illiterates,  that he is alive as one with the main father, him but not him and also him..
so sweet and simple this story is. It has everything.I was very touched by it for many of my life's years. I cried for him as he suffered. As my father's church re told the story during holy week, from the old documents that they have saved all these years.

I was told yesterday by a sweet baby boy ( he is 23 or 24))christian that the road.."the one road" he used math to say a straight line and then all the roads around it which lead to it, not being as good..
How many people have illustrated that simple whatever it is?
One road, that is all this God has prepared for us? The only way! Or, you are dead and forever in torment?
Jesus was one of thousands who was torchered by crucifixion in  this way by The Romans. They continued to crucify for a long time afterwards. During those times people were to submit to Rome and say the emperor was a god..not the god, a god. Thus, as in some cases now, people thought it was the end times.
This apocalyptic (the end of times)ideology took off like the winds to tell everyone there is way to get away from suffering and from  the Romans. The Romans were ruthless! They had been there for 100 years already..they were not just there, everywhere, they were building roads and killing and killing and raping women and enslaving boys.
But speaking of the road, lets.
The one main road can be dangerous too, I say.
Also if all the other  roads are not as good, then how would every one finally meet at the center?
Look at our bodies for example, how all the blood goes in and out of the heart and all the veins have a role and the organs too, they  strain and drain harmful things..if the heart wasn't getting clean rich oxygen and nutrients, it would fail..It does fail..therefore, all the systems are important!
Us, having finally arrived bearing gifts and news..
"Oh, is it just you then, how did you get here?"
"we took the road by the river, it was quite lovely really."
"hang on, ok?"

"let them in, peter, we need some new blood around here, all these people telling me I am awesome which I am, are boring me!"
"they took the side roads, sir, the one along the river!"
"Oh dear, you had better throw them over the flat Earth edge to hell then!"

Just because some one took the scenic route, it doesn't mean he isn't going the wrong way, it means he is bringing other stuff you may never have seen before. Like spices and silk. The whole time they were making up stories about Jesus in the west, China was making silk.
I mean really, stories change..

I told the boy, that, "it is really  insidious to have such exclusivity with divine god, boy, and to worship a human sacrifice for two thousand years with out looking at any facts is irresponsible."
The earth is not 6 thousand years old, it is almost 5 billion years old, the begats do not add up. That is one of many mistakes in the data.

 You cannot see the continents move but you know they are and have probably as slow as your nails grow. and they took many violent years to form.
I said that it is but a "glimpse" of what is.
"a glimpse?"
he got a weird look in his eyes so I calmed him and tried to leave, he followed..he wants to debate..
I loved it..
You have to stay calm and never yell in order to debate, :)
You have to listen thoroughly with out making faces..

The one road? Really?

Do you think creatures on Gleason 581 had the same experiences about God? That is a planet out there with all the right stuff..not too cold and not too hot, plenty of water and other planetary accretions from a distant super nova explosion which formed new dust filled with gold, silver, iron to form our blood, iron..the death of a star really is life!
 We know when there is water and plenty of star made minerals, things happen. Enzymes spark and things move around and try to make more things, but iron is what finally kills a huge when a star burns through all its fuel, it makes iron soon as it does, kills it in a violent explosion which  comes to form smaller more stable star systems like ours.

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