Thursday, April 30, 2015

what do you think of..

When you think of your favorite scent?
For me,  this changes but I would never on any day or night turn my back to frankincense and rose.
Good rose and not the kind that turns your stomach. I suppose most absolutes kind of do turn your stomach though.
You just can't stop smelling them while trying to figure out what draws you near to them. Like jasmine for example..oye! A bad one can ruin your day, man!

Spring is full on here in Southern Michigan:))! My wild geraniums are so happy and really multiplied since I moved them away from the wormwood. The yarrow came back out this week as well as all of my roses seem to be ready to go. I have three peonies as well. That should be awesome!
I am wearing a man's thing I made with cyprus blue and labdanum, hay, yarrow, sandalwood and clary sage and a basil top note that helps us radiate abundance and joy!
I like the way it dries and turns in to an amber musk on the skin.
Modern Man is what I called it over at eleneetha's place.

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