Sunday, April 12, 2015

the giving

You know, the transition between being a child under mamma's wing and you making a place for yourself with your own living.
I wonder how my kids will share their money.
 I notice one of my girls is like my mom in her money ways..she scrimps and saves and becomes a tyrant with the saving pennies. Smart, that one.
What is money and surviving today? If we do almost of our transactions electronically, when do we see real money?
We are continually changing in the way we do business and the world is getting smaller. I am selling to places far away and I feel as long as I make really good soap, we will have bread on our is a telepathically mystical thing and I am willing to go further and say I am strong and powerful..with new and rare abilities to attract my best and a nice house filled with love. is comes easily and often as does my willingness to change and observe in new ways.

Remember when Michone put her sword back where it should be? With her! Right? And why was it bloody before Pete went on his rampage?

"mom, go to this zhar zhar, it is so cheap there, look!"
 I had just gone there before sol I knew which store it was. It just opened up and I am in love with t!!
I feel like I am out of amerika and back somewhere like this. The kids always stay with the parents and they play.
First off the music is not English,second off there are always kids running playing tag between the isles, a big one and down to about three..omg so cute.
I gave him my last thing to scan and he said, "no, that is for you)"
"are you sure, this is a business, right?"
"don't worry"
I told him thank you..he was nice.
I love this thick olive oil he brings in. I went there to see what spices he has because of my interest in spices using allspice in a balanced format to make shawarma, and there were cases of rich thick cold pressed olive oil. Just so good and makes the best creamiest soap ever and you can eat it!

ah, marinades..they are so good to me!

Give me a baguette and a salad of baby greens and I am happy.
I like one made from scratch and me, not even one time having loved a marinade from a store.

Here is the thing I always taste from the bottled sauces. it is  citric acid and stabilizers to thicken something so that you can make a thousand of them. I taste it every time..your damn soy oil and canola. keep it..
I will take the dry ingredients and mix them with the wet my own way. How hard is it?
If you love to cook, it is super easy when  you find your perfect rub and spice blend and and not too much cinnamon...
not too much coriander
black pepper
some say allspice
some say
garlic, a all big pieces from the bulb chopped fine and mixed with a creamy carrier like olive oil and yogurt,
olive oil and tahini
or just plain olive oil and lemon juice.

Pasxa Blessings to you all,,I love you!

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