Monday, April 20, 2015

my mom and i talking

We were talking about a Greek we both know and how he is a
he was a jerk to everyone..he is long dead now..he was nice to me always until even then, as a 12 year old and  only two years here, I told him we were studying evolution at my amerika school and he freaked out about monkeys and humans not being the same.
clearly not, but most of what monkeys are, are like us..I tried to tell him that but he was insulted rather than interested in such nonsense.
I could even then, at my young age see the terror in simple peoples lives against patriarchs like that guy.
I was telling my mom that as you get closer to death, you have to make good memories because that is how your loved ones remember you..not as some weak minded fool and manipulator or abuser of women..
she listened, my mom did. In Greek culture, Greek women give men a lease to behave this way. They empower them as was their role back when they were nothing more than concubines in wealthy families and rag wearing mud slinging bitches in the hills!
My family came from somewhere in between that.:)

My mom
"humph, that guy was the biggest porno head and womanizer, he had a reputation, everyone knew it!"
"mom, he was so devoted to the church so proper!"

she mumbled..

Hey man, they have all known that all along! Look at what the Catholics still try to hide about the priests molesting boys. And yet,they would be the first ones to throw stones if it meant being part of the denying crowd of conspiracy theorists a king worshiping idiots!
They struggle to look proper while inside a simmering brewing testosterone fueled all that tried to care for them.
They usually  choose one of the minions to lavish that person with what they have left(sometimes it is a lot) and then they die..
Then, you remember them and your conversations together.
Not many..
Because who needs a confrontation every time?
 I was trying to explain about physics and you are scared of actual creation ( the proof is in the bones and layers of sediment)..that was many years ago I had that convo and this was my memory..
Mercury is about to go retrograde here soon..I feel it. I do feel it.:)

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