Thursday, April 9, 2015

it was fake after all

I became seduced, see? I got involved in perfume and a whole new door opened up for me. Recently and always with the frankincense and me..which is why I fell in love with the time lord..I ran across a web site that wrote about the choya and everything sounded so nice..")

The fake fuks!
They send me a packet of fake..after all their serious talk too! I had to buy a wee sample.
(the black musk which they said is ambette seeds, dude, gorgeous and yet, the fake is there)
They made it sound like they know what they are talking about. I bet that they do. I want to say some of it is real and I overreacted. You know, you first get a thing and get overwhelmed by too many smells.

So, I spent ten bucks on research and development..

The thing about body scenting with me, us is ..well, so many things..
for example the skin soft smooth and after years of vetiver and patchouli, warm vanilla and spice..
ah, that is just us. ha!

Fake..ends up being weird on me especially.who needs it?
Well, a lot of people do not mind the perfume.
Look at Jo Malone..she is brilliant at marketing her ideas and fake even if say, 40% is pure essential oils, they still need to mix it with a dispersing material and their is crazy! Ever read the ingredients on a deodorant label?
Even a the health store it can be dangerous.

About me and perfume..of course at this moment in my life, I now know and understand more about scents and their molecular weight. How frankincense is heavier than rose for example.
After all, throughout all  my life, I knew my path, always, was to be through my hands like my mom and her mom. Each one of a higher evolution than our mothers and yet, the theme continues.

Black smells really sex with govinda..

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