Saturday, April 4, 2015

choya loban


I have everything I need for our smokey blend.
I do have not dragon's blood yet. I will have that Monday when I go to the only store around here that has resin.
That will take a little time to melt down in coconut oil maybe a couple days..we will see how I feel when I have it rubbed up on my skin and it is has released its scent to me.

I have choya  loban here now. My goodness, it is smokey. Destructive distillation..clay pots and lots of heat. I guess that is why the smoke scent.
I wore it  for sleeping last night. I feel good. I can breath better even.
How interesting this oil is!
It was definitely used as medicine.
It is so super healing on the skin. So, we get a double help from dragon's blood as it also has been noted for its healing abilities on the skin and digestive system.

I am excited for this next soap, for sure!
I have also been very interested in a white spruce absolute foot cream. I do not know why I am so drawn to feet at this moment but it is happening that we should take a look at our toes.
and then rub them down with scented cream.

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