Sunday, April 26, 2015

prolific soap star


I made soap for a girl who loves my neem soap with frankincense and then I made something else really nice.
Organic ground raspberry seed soap with a gorgeous essential oils blend and I also added this awesome shea butter I had  here too, so it will be extra creamy and good.
the oils

The oils are  very good together. I hope it turns out nice. I say that about all of them and why wouldn't they?

The seeds of raspberry are very nutritious and a little gritty. I plan to make a new scrub with this material for the face with manuka honey. For now, I wait to see how nice this soap bar is gonna be.

I have been very busy with the garden and my projects outside so I haven't been blogging much.
Know that I think of you often:)

The next special will be really good.
1 2 ounce scrub
1 4 ounce butter
1 raspberry seed neem scrubber soap

I look forward to it.

the butter: shea butter, red raspberry seed oil and marula oil
the scrub: black seed oil, red raspberry seeds ground, redmond clay, manuka honey (chamomile rose essential oil blend)
the soap: our new organic red raspberry seed scrubber soap


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