Sunday, April 19, 2015

you are worth it

It is one thing you  kind of have to ponder on if you are in a relationship. Whether it be family or a lover. I think you are worth my time and annie energy! I am a libran (ha, I can't stop)) and I love satire with pain and I love to laugh. sometimes inappropriate, sometimes brutally my place, my famz, Feelings can get hurt because there are so many people, but I love it when we are all together. My boys are so, what is the word, "strapping"..ha!
 My family is worth my time and my hard work. I bust ass!

Yesterday...while busting ass and all the while thinking not so deep thoughts like the vibrational sound of,

"Hi, do you have any moisture gloves for wearing at night?"
"You know, I don't, but I might "Procure" some if you like on my next order."
Did her eyes twinkle, I know mine did?
She paused.
""what, were you mesmerized by my use of "procure' in a sentence? Try soft socks if you really can't find moisture gloves.."
We laughed..

I love it when people and me connect like that.
It is sure better than paper clip girl that is for sure.

Have I ever told you about Tim Minchin? What a strange little genius!
His song, fucking mother!

I see that many have been visiting my soap creations on etsy..thank you!
I really hope you get one of the dragons blood vetiver choya bars.
It is so beautiful and that is just a few days since I made it. It took a week to let me have the resinous undertones of pine and frankincense come out from way deep in there. You will get vetiver always but the dry finish will be interesting when it mixes with your own body musk as a soap bar. How nice is it to have a gliding expanding whiff of forest and glen and sunshine days, warm up on your brow. each time you wash your hands. Hey that is where the third eye may reside, go there sweet scented atoms and welcome to our transformations.
Welcome too, vetiver's ability to relax our muscles and bones a little.
I did not add as much choya loban as to make it like smoke, no..please, it is my desire to have the dry off go sweet and smokey smooth. I put neroli and a whole lot of it, so that a top note does exist, you just don't get it but very subtly, as it should be.
I loved making this soap. It is wonderful to gather my ingredients and make each thing a proclamation in my mind and then allow my thoughts to mold each ingredient in to a rare treat. Like a morsel of deliciousness. This blend is Miss Tonie's idea made my way..I loves her!

I would ask, what do you think of as precious and worth your time and energy?

This one is the old whore as the top layer and as you know her worthiness is precious. 

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