Monday, April 27, 2015

natural does not mean natural

Now they use terms like, "phalate free" to describe not natural scenting.
They just can't fucking stop!
I am not really mad but, wow! It has been proven over and over that chemicals in (on mean eventually in)) skin care are bad! No, they kept using lead in the rice powder because it was malleable and easy to smooth out skin tone.."oh, wait, it actually degrades the skin so bad it causes scarring"
"fine, we'll stop making it!"
"Oh, now, we will make some other thing that isn't real so that when your children grow up not knowing the sweet actual smell of a daisy, then you will have forgotten all together what is real and what isn't."
Always with the concessions. Who needs it!

Skin care is all fake out there with their aloe and their safflower oil. Cheap, over processed, both! Perfumes? With their beautiful description of flowers and leathers? Fake, fake, fake poison!

So what do we use to wash our faces with? Do we use a cream that smells like este lauder... a milky solution of oils and stabilizers?
Sorbic  acid, for gosh sake, and worse! What good does that do?

I love using black seed oil as a base for face wash.
Sometimes if I am really gritty, I will use soap after a good oily face washing or scrub. After that, I will tone with rose hydrosol and follow with a nutrient rich oil combo.

Here is my serum for the month of May:

organic red raspberry seed oil
organic black seed oil
organic rose hip seed oil
organic cranberry seed oil
organic blue berry seed oil

I use this emulsion neat on my face and allow for the fatty acids to hang and protect as they gently do their thing, repair and protect. I know, I know, the black seed has a tone. It does not matter to me. I feel like it helps me. I will take a little in my palm and apply on to my face as a wash or add this to clay for a cleansing mask.

I hope you have a nice week. :)

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